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We provide counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, families, parents, couples, children and teens.

Our background includes years of training in parent counseling, play therapy, marital therapy, family therapy and cognitive-behavioral treatment.

We have over 30 years of experience in treating individuals for learning problems, neuro-behavioral difficulties, anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, eating disorders, anger management and mood disorders.

We also provide treatment for selective mutism, hair pulling, tourette syndrome, pain disorders, enuresis, encopresis, sleep problems and those with complicated medical conditions using evidence based treatments.

Many of the children and families in our practice come for support during divorce, a painful loss or other traumatic or stressful event. We know that seeking help can sometimes be a frightening and frustrating process but it is our intention to provide a warm and nurturing environment that allows for an open discussion of the pertinent issues. In a collaborative model, we work with our clients using specific evidence based interventions to alleviate distress and improve function.

For further information about Dr. Robert Wells' training or background, please see Dr. Wells' Curriculum Vitae.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


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